Monday, October 13, 2008

MANCHESTER UNITED EPL KITS (1992-1993 to 2008/2009)

MANCHESTER UNITED EPL KITS (1992-1993 to 2008/2009)

Here are the kits used by United from the first ever EPL season (1992-1993) to the latest season (2008/2009) with it's respective EPL badge

1992-1993 SEASON

1993-1994 SEASON

1994-1995 SEASON

1995-1996 SEASON

*The third kit was using last season's "CHAMPIONS 1993-1994" badges

1996-1997 SEASON

1997-1998 SEASON


1999-2000 SEASON

2000-2001 SEASON

2001-2002 SEASON

2002-2003 SEASON

2003-2004 SEASON

2004-2005 SEASON

2005-2006 SEASON

2006-2007 SEASON

2007-2008 SEASON

2008-2009 SEASON


Alvin Low said...

hi faiz,

i am interested in newcastle jersey, the 1996/1997 xxL, do u plan to sell it? i been looking for that vintage jersey quite a long time, plz do let me knw?
you can contact me at

hope to hear frm u soon

regards,alvin low

e1vespa said...

hi faiz,

WOW amazing collection!!!
by the way, where r.u come from?

u are maniac.... but i like u!!!

i want ask u, do u have patch Champions league 1999 (treble winner)lextra, patch Champions league 2008/09 and patch epl 1993-1994
plz do let me knw?

you can contact me at

hope to hear frm u soon


regards, Achmad Gunawan Anwar

azree said...


Is the Treble shirt XXL with beckham 7 up for sale? Do let me know @

Hakim Amir said...

awesome collection!

nicole said...


which was the jersey that man u wore when they first won the epl over arsenal? are your jerseys for sale?

nicole tan


faris said...

Salam Bro Faiz aku respect giler dengan koleksi bro...tak ada ke jersey² yang nak di jual atau swap?
aku berminat sangat² kalau bro ada nak jual jersey bagilah aku ye ni no hp aku 012-2527804 atau 012-2858036
faris...thanks bro.

red said...

Do you have the epl 1999-2000 badge?

masta_mcs said...

I have 1999/2000 Premier league lextra patch, if anybody wants message me on

my website

unky_da_vinci said...

hi faiz...

just want to sell my stuff...

hope u interested..